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Redgates Agility Club currently has a number of accomplished instructors.
Tim has been involved in Agility since 1993 and has been competing since 1994.
His first dog Jess was a slow and steady “Mrs Clear Round”, whereas Baz, his second dog was a fast Border Collie who qualified for several National Finals in 2000.

Tim is pictured (left) with his 3rd Dog Travis, who was born totally deaf and was also epileptic. With Clare’s help with Obedience Training, Tim achieved top ten placings with Travis on Open Agility Competitions. Tim has recently taken on another deaf puppy.

Tim has been trained in the techniques of being a Training Instructor and is complimented on being a good communicator.
Clare first started teaching Agility at the West Suffolk Club in 1999, and attended the Agility Club Instructors Course in 2002. She has also attended the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers Obedience Instructors Course.  

She is now training her Agility Dog.  Whilst Clare has judged at Agility Competitions, she prefers to act as Ring Manager, Scrime, or Scorer etc.

Clare is a multi disciplined Dog Training Instructor with a knack for seeing things and being able to find simple practical solutions to individual problems or areas in need of improvement.
Clare is pictured to the right running her dog Breeze.
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Debbie has a lifelong love of dogs, and has been involved in their well being and training for many years. She became addicted to Agility through Flow, her oldest rescue dog, who at that time was extremely nervous. Agility had the desired effect and Flow gained enormous confidence - she now trains and competes regularly. Debbie has two other competing dogs, and three more at an early stage of training, as well as two other much loved pets.

She started instructing for Redgates in 2010, and like all Redgates Instructors has been on at least one Agility Instructors Course. Debbie enjoys instructing, and loves to see the bond between handler and dog growing stronger as they learn together. She believes that Agility should be fun for both the dog and handler., and learns a lot herself from working with different dog / handler partnerships.