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Approximately once per year, we run a 4 or 6 week course for complete Beginners. This covers all the basics of Agility and allow the Dogs / Handlers to experience the physical exercise, the mental stimulation, and the fun involved with the Jumps, Long Jump, Tyre, See-Saw, Weave Poles, A-Frame, Dog Walk and Tunnel etc.

To participate in one of our Beginners Courses, dogs must be at least 12 months old,
and have good basic obedience skills (Sit, Stay, Come, etc.,).
It is particularly important that dogs will come when called, as we like to get dogs working “Off-Lead” as soon as is possible.

We like to assess each dog prior to letting it join any class to ensure that it has an acceptable level of basic obedience,
and that both handler and dog have the correct aptitude and fitness for Agility.
Only dogs that pass this assessment can go on to take part in the Beginners Course.

Whilst dogs under 12 months old cannot take part in any of our formal Agility classes, we are happy for them to be brought to Club Training Sessions as soon as they have received all their vacinations as we believe it is important for them to socialise and to be happy / at ease around the Agility equipment & other dogs from an early age.

We can also help with and advise on basic Foundation Skills, and other exercises that will help Handlers form good bonds with their dogs.

We always experience a high level of interest in our Beginners Classes. If you are interested and would like to go on our Waiting List, please send us your details and we will contact you as and when dates & times are finalised.

Alternatively, you might be able to have some private lessons and then join one of our other existing classes.

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